Madeineurope.net homepage guide

Madeineurope.net homepage consists of several sections:
“Map” and “Sliding bar” (with countries flags)
Parts of Madeineurope.net search system, allowing to narrow down the search results to specific and particular country fast and easy.
 „Premium Members”
Advertising place for Upgraded Premium members (comes along highlighted top places in search result lists).
Please check our advertising section for detailed information
“Search” and “Catalog”
Advanced search options along with smartly structured catalogues make all the search requests done fast and easy. You can search any information by company’s name, residential country, product or industry.
Here you can find latest exhibition news and Made in Europe blog!
“Recent companies”
Shows recently registered companies.
At the bottom of the page you can find Madeineurope.ru contact information as well as “Twitter” and “Facebook” coordinates.

Finding information in Madeineurope.ru catalogue
Madeineurope.ru provides wide range of search options. In our homepage you can use main search engine on the left or catalog section next to it, to gather information from all available countries.
If you are interested in search results from particular country only, you may use “Map” or “Sliding Bar” (with countries flags) right under the “Map”.
Choose the flag of the country you are interested in, click on it and continue search in the search engine or catalog section to operate with the results from the specific country only.
In each particular country’s directory, you will find several sections providing information about the chosen country itself:
General information” section is related to general data about the country- such as its location, border countries, population, time zone etc. 
History”, “Culture”, “Travel info” and “Business etiquette” sections provide basic information about the country, accordingly to the title of each section (i.e. about county’s history, culture, travel opportunities and business etiquette).
Economics” section shows latest trends and statistics on GDP, budget, labor etc.
Tax Rates” section gives an insight on tax rates, adjusted in the specific country.
When you have narrowed down your search to one or several companies, you can visit their own individual Madeineurope.ru profiles by clicking „More in microsite”. 
In company`s microsite you will find all the necessary information about particular company. 
At the bottom of the microsite page there is a contact form, allowing to send queries directly to companies email address. Additionally, at the bottom of the microsite page there are also company`s Twitter and Facebook coordinates, if there are any for the specific company.
You can follow any company to get the imidate updates about all activities
It is important to mention that companies can edit and update their micro sites.

How to register and manage your Madeineurope.net Basic profile
To have your company listed in madeineurope.net catalog, you need to register first. Click on “REGISTER” tab at the top of the page. Registration section will open with a registration form you need to fill up. 
Registration form and the process itself consists of several parts:
Your microsite” 
This will be the unique web-address of your company’s future microsite, published within Madeineurope.net catalog. By default all addresses start with http://www.madeineurope.net/
When you will type in your username later, it will appear in “Your address” line after the slash, creating proper link to your company’s profile. 
Please, enter your desired username here. Selected username will appear in your company’s microsite link, as we discussed already. For example, if you will choose username “ZZZ” you will see the above link “Your microsite” changing to http://www.madeineurope.ru/zzz
Username will also be required to access your account afterwards. When typing it to login, please, note that username is case sensitive. 
We suggest choosing your company’s name as username, however, it is not a must.
Once confirmed, username cannot be edited later. 
Here comes your company’s name- advisable along with company’s business entity in your country (i.e.- MYCOMPANY.LTD or MYCOMPANY.GMBH).
If you are not sure about the business entity, you can always check THIS article.
Here you can upload your company’s logo or other image which you want to appear next to your company’s name. The picture should be in jpg. or png. format only.
Now select a category of industry that represents your company best. 
Please, do not forget to choose your company`s home country, otherwise your company will not be shown correctly in catalogues and search results, which, in turn, will lead to reduced traffic to company’s microsite and consequential loss of its exposure to potential partners.
Short description
Write a short description about your company. The text you enter here, will appear along with your company’s name and logo in catalog and search results listings as well as at the top of your company`s profile page. That will be the first thing visitors will read about the company, so it is a wise move to put some efforts in creating “Short description”. 
For example, here you can name the product or service you offer, to make it clear for everyone interested right from beginning what the business with you is about. You can also put your company’s slogan here or add some words about company’s goals, visions or mission, still, please, try not to exceed 75 characters (with spaces).
Product keywords
Here you can provide some keywords related to your company’s products or services and its niche. That will make it easier for potential partners to find your company using Madeineurope.ru internal search engines or catalogues.
Main address
Enter your company`s main address (headquarters).
Additional contact information
If you have more than one phone number or e-mail address, you can post all the additional contact information here.
Phone number”, “Email”, “Website
Enter your company`s phone number, e-mail and website accordingly.
Twitter” & “Facebook
Don`t forget to post your company`s “Twitter” name and “Facebook” page link (if there is one).  This information will be displayed at the bottom of your company's profile page (so called, "footer" of the page).
Choose your password and repeat it to make sure it is typed in correctly.
Terms of Service
You can read our “ToS” by clicking on the title “Terms of Service”.
Finally click „REGISTER” and that’s it. You can always return and edit all the information except your “Username”. Also you have an option now, to delete your account. Clicking the button “Delete Account” will permanently delete all the data along with your entire account, with no possibilities to restore it later.
Now you have created your company’s profile in Madeineurope.net catalog. Your company will appear in search engine results main listing. That includes company’s name, address, logo, phone number, short description and also an option for potential partners to send you an email with their inquiry. 
Premium account!
Upgrading your account will give You much more options for best possible online communication within our platform and beyond! You can see the options in Your profile page under "Memberships"
Microsite admininstration:
Now you are in your company`s microsite.

Sections „Home”, „About us”, „Gallery” and „Contacts” will be created automatically. You can also delete, rename and edit menu sections.

About us – here you can add basic information about company - history, mission, goals, as
well as offered products or services. You can also post information about company`s international accomplishments or any other information that you feel is necessary to tell others. Here you can also edit text organisation and visual appearance.

Gallery – add your company`s or product photos. They will be displayed at the bottom of company`s page in section „gallery”.

News – here you can add latest and detailed news about your company, products and special offers.

Contacts – add your company`s detailed contact information.

You can add new sections by clicking „add menu section”. There are 4 types of menu sections:

    1. Editable content – simple text content that will appear as united text, like in section „about us”.

    2. External link – you can add new links. Clicking on this section, the link will bring a visitor to the site you added.

    3. News page – will appear like section „news” – editable text content, that you can renew as often you wish.

    4. Gallery – add photos, that will appear in gallery and as sliding baners at the bottom of Your microsite content.
You can also change the order of menu sections in which they will appear in your company`s website. To change the order just click on section that you want to replace and drag it into the new place.

Before posting all the information, you can preview your company`s microsite by clicking „Check real page”.
Click „Publish profile” when you`re done editing your company`s profile.