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Power of the Internet attract more and more people. While we have serious websites with strong content, there are plenty “come and go” sites that offer nothing but scam. There you can find info how to become millionaire in one month, earn thousands a day and so on.
Of course, it is not true. Only way to make money is to work hard (or wise) and don’t expect to wake up wealthy one day just because you followed one of this scheme. Some of them work- for those who created them and are smart enough to pull the money out of other people’s pockets.
The Internet has become a mess and we can see it every day more and more. It has not been controlled by anyone. It is becoming more and more oversaturated with different trash.
It is even harder for business. Sometimes it really takes weeks to find appropriate and reliable partner, "walk through" all the business communication, keeping all correspondence clean and understandable. Especially, it affects small and, in particular cases, medium business.
It seems impossible to deny the mess, ruling the net. Yet we need something, to manage our business and do it fast for every transaction. There comes another problem- pages loaded with information. In Facebook, for example, You have so much to see everywhere at once, that finally have forgotten, why You are even there.
Contrary business needs something simple, something like library. You enter it, there are tons of information, yet you can always look at those letters indicating the directory you are looking for. Now we have to search for something in one place, find it in another, write an e-mail, wait for response and it all takes time, yet we all know- time is essential in business. 
I really believe, that a lot of entrepreneurs are waiting for a business communication and marketplace platform, that will save our time. Time, we could spend with our loved ones, friends or just with ourselves- apart from all the money making "gold-rush". Apart from time, browsing the Internet, sorting papers, searching that right email, answering to phone calls and text messages. 
Made In Europe team believes, that they are on the right track in developing such a platform where you can always look at those letters indicating the directory you are looking for - be it finance, partnership or marketplace!
With best regards,
Made in Europe
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