7 Tips to Keep Your Passion in Business

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Many entrepreneurs start their business with tons of excitement and passion for their new venture but quickly realize that operating their own business is hard work. Once that realization sets in and real business problems begin to surface, it becomes very easy to become disgruntle and to lose your passion for what you originally set out to accomplish. Passion is defined as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction. A strong liking or desire for or a devotion to some activity, object, or concept. 
In the beginning, it is passion that creates the energy to keep you moving in a forward direction , builds the excitement for the next project and helps you overcome your fears and obstacles as you venture into the unknown. It is extremely important to remain positive and passionate about your business and to allow that passion to create positive energy that will surround you and your business and propel you to new heights.
1. Remain focused at all times
When issues or challenges arise, use your passion to motivate you to find a solution. Passion is infectious and people are attracted to positive situations like moths to a flame. Don’t get caught up in the daily grind, really make it an effort to remember why you were so excited in the beginning and hold on to that passion each and every day and use that passion to BLAST your profits to new levels.
2. Listen to the people around you
Surround yourself with positive individuals who motivate, excite and remind you why you are in business. The right individuals will build you up with a “can do” attitude and offer you support when you need it the most. Your customers, employees and business partners are on the front lines, listen to them to understand your market, your industry and trends.
3. Stay true to your original purpose and vision
As businesses begin to grow, they are presented with many different opportunities. Some are wonderful and bring synergies and advance solutions, some move you away from your original business design. Stay true to your original mission, purpose and vision and you will remain passionate.
4. Systematize, automate and outsource
Many entrepreneurs lose their passion when they become overwhelmed with working in their business rather than working on their business in a strategic position. It is the day to day activities that make your business feel like hard work. Put systems in place to automate and outsource everything that you can so you can remain focused on the tasks that make your passionate.
5. Join a mastermind group
Being surrounded by likeminded entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you can be not only a rewarding experience but will keep your passion at its highest levels. A mastermind group is full of ideas; motivation and support that will help drive your passions into profits.
6. Hire the right team
Many entrepreneurs try to go at their business alone and believe they know how to do everything, but the truly successful surround themselves with the right team of experts. Hire the right team in the areas where you are not strong and ensure they share your passion. Not only will they advise you on your business matters, but will contribute their own passion to your culture creating a winning atmosphere.
7. Work with the right business coach
Most entrepreneurs are experts in their technical skill but are not experts in running a business. Working with the right business coach will provide you with the missing ingredient to a truly successful business that is independent, objective and invested in only your success – A winning combination.
Now imagine a business environment where all the people are ignited with passion at serving the needs of the customer, both internal and external, providing the best service and being innovative, creative and engaging. That could be your business, if you follow these seven tips to keep your passion in your business.
Special thanks to the author
Andrew Clapton
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