About US

Holography Industry JSC produces wide range of holographic and printing products, including labels and packages using flexography printing.

Our manufacture presents unique opportunity – you can order any kind of label or package for your product with hologram (personalized holographic image).

We produce the following security products:

  • holograms;
  • holographic foil;
  • holographic laminating pouch;
  • flexible holographic packaging;
  • label with technology Cast and Cure (transparent holographic effect);
  • combined label with hologram;
  • matrix for embossing on coins (medals);
  • blister package with holographic protection;
  • holographic matrix;
  • postcards with holograms.
  • embossing;
  • identification devices.

Our benefits for your succeess:

  • 17 years of successful work;
  • in-house production
  • guarantee of quality control and operability;
  • discounts for regular clients;
  • membership in International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) that eliminates the opportunity of unsanctioned copy of the image ordered by you;
  • membership in International “Trade Leaders’ Club”
  • high product quality and effective team work recognition.