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  • The culture of Slovakia is the result of various folk traditions and because of its position in the Central Europe, it is also influenced by Austrian, German, Hungarian and Slavic cultures.
  • Slovakia has a long and popular tradition in folk arts and crafts, which include wood carving, glass painting and fabric weaving.
  • The main representatives of Slovakian Classicism in literature include the 18th-century poet Jn Kollr and historian Pavel Afrik, who continued to write in the Czech language but whose works belong to the Slovakian literary heritage. The most recognised personality of the 19th Century was the nationalist Ludovt Star, who was a scholar, writer and deputy in the Hungarian Diet. The Slovakian Modernists included a 20th-century literary group led by Ivan Krasko.
  • The most famous American of Slovak descent is probably pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987), whose parents immigrated from Miková in north-eastern Slovakia.
  • Slovakia boasts more than 50 museums. The most famous Slovak National Museum, in Bratislava, was founded in 1893 and houses exhibits dedicated to the history, musicology and archaeology of the country. Other museums include the Slovak National Uprising Museum, the Slovak National Gallery and the Museum of Eastern Slovakia.
  • Štefan Banič (1870-1941) invented the first actively used parachute, patenting it in 1913.
  • The Slovak dishes use items such as pork, poultry, cabbage, wheat and potato flour, cheese from cows and sheep, potatoes, onions and garlic. Although rice does not grow in Slovakia, it is widely-used and incorporated in Slovakian homes and restaurants. Beans, corn on the cob, lentils, parsley,  carrots and other vegetables are often used to create soup dishes and other dishes in all Slovakia.  Fruit like apples, plums, apricots, peaches, plums and cherries are offered as a side dish alongside the main meal in Slovakia.
  • The most popular sport in Slovakia is ice hockey. Soccer comes as the second favorite. Tennis as a sport in Slovakia has been honored by the wins in competitions at international level. The Slovakia Sports in which the Slovaks actively participate for pleasure include skiing and snowboarding. Hiking and mountain climbing is also favored by those who seek adventure. Other Slovakia Sports are basketball, rugby, volleyball and handball.
  • Tennis champion Martina Hingis (born in 1980), former World No. 1 and winner of five Grand Slam singles titles and nine Grand Slam women's doubles titles, was born in Slovakia to a Slovak father and a Czech mother.