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Rich cultural heritage and great natural variety place the Russian Federation among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country contains 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, while many more are on UNESCO's tentative lists.


Everyone needs a visa to visit the Russian Federation.

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Major cities

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod

Top tourist attractions

  • Saint Petersburg
  • The Hermitage (Winter Palace)
  • Red Square (Krasnaia Ploshchad')
  • Peterhof Palace and Gardens
  • Tsarskoe Selo
  • Peter and Paul Fortress/Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Church of the Saviour on the Blood
  • The Kremlin (Kreml')
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Yusupov Palace
  • Novosibirsk Zoo


Moscow and St. Petersburg aren’t the only destinations for vacations in the Russian Federation. Resort towns and Siberian lodges also attract people from across the world looking for a unique trip. The architecture of the country makes it a great place to sightsee and provides plenty of opportunities for a vacation.


Broad plain with low hills west of Urals; vast coniferous forest and tundra in Siberia; uplands and mountains along southern border regions. Mount Elbrus (18,481 ft/5,633 m), in the Caucasus, is the highest peak in the country.


Ranges from steppes in the south through humid continental in much of European Russia; subarctic in Siberia to tundra climate in the polar north; winters vary from cool along Black Sea coast to frigid in Siberia; summers vary from warm in the steppes to cool along Arctic coast.


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Public holidays

  • 1 January - Happy new year day
  • 7 january – Russian Orthodox Christmas Day
  • 23 February - Day of the Defenders of the Motherland
  • 8 March - Women day
  • 9 May - Victory day
  • 12 June – National Day
  • 5 November – Day Of Unity
  • 12 December – Constitution Day