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  • Luxembourg culture is a mix of Romance Europe and Germanic Europe, borrowing customs from each of the distinct traditions.
  • Today, many Luxembourg and foreign artists live in Luxembourg, including painters Jean-Marie Biwer, Robert Brandy, Patricia Lippert, Gast Michels, Moritz Ney, Marc Reckinger and others.
  • Edmond de la Fontaine, better known by his pen-name Dicks, is considered the national poet of Luxembourg. Along with Michel Lentz and Michel Rodange, he is an outstanding figure in the history of Luxembourg literature, writing poetry in Luxembourgish. Another influential writer was Batty Weber. Successful contemporary novelist and poet is Jean Portante.
  • Victor Hugo, the renowned French writer, stayed in Luxembourg in a picturesque town that lies close to the German border. The house where he lived has now been turned into a museum, which is very popular among the French and Dutch tourists.
  • Luxembourg's internationally recognized soloists include violinist Sandrine Cantoreggi, cellist Françoise Groben, pianists Francesco Tristano Schlimé and Jean Muller, and singer Mariette Kemmer. Among its contemporary composers are Camille Kerger, Claude Lenners, Georges Lentz and others.
  • Football is the most popular sport in Luxembourg. Football in Luxembourg is governed by the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF), which is a member of FIFA and UEFA.
  • Luxembourg's cuisine has been influenced over the years by neighboring France and Germany. More recently, it has had influence from its many Italian and Portuguese immigrants. Luxembourg has many delicacies: pastries, Luxembourg Cheese, the fresh fish from local rivers (brown trout, pike, and crayfish), Ardennes ham smoked in saltpeter ect.