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  • Although the history of Ireland has seen troubles and turbulence, its people have always been associated with a love of music and storytelling. Often referred to as the land of saints and scholars, the country is the birthplace of many famous English-language writers, such as Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, Wilde and Shaw. Ireland is home to internationally known rock bands and singers such as U2, The Corrs and Sinéad O’Connor.
  • Ireland is well known for its many myths and legends which began long ago when the Celts ruled Ireland and many tales were told by the Druids. There are many fun and wonderful stories of fairies and leprechauns – the little people.
  • The Irish word “céili” is used to describe an informal evening of traditional Irish music and dancing. Irish step-dancing is performed mostly with the legs and feet while the arms hang stiffly at the side.
  • There are many famous castles in Ireland, but the most famous is perhaps The Blarney Castle, which is famed for its stone, which is believed to have the power to bestow the gift of eloquence on all those who kiss it.
  • The most popular sports in Ireland are Hurling (field sport played with sticks) and Gaelic football. Other popular sports are soccer, horseback riding, rugby, golf, horse racing, cycling and many water sports.
  • Traditional foods of Ireland are simple and include lamb, Irish stew, sausage, homemade cheeses, fresh fish, fresh baked breads and scones, fish & chips (chippers), potatoes, cabbage, carrots, corned beef, cabbage and boxty. The Irish are known for their large breakfasts called “frys”.