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  • German culture began long before the rise of Germany as a nation-state and spanned the entire German-speaking world. From its roots, culture in Germany has been shaped by major intellectual and popular currents in Europe, both religious and secular. Historically Germany has been called Das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers).
  • Germany is very much recognised for a fondness for planning and organisation, with a culture that takes pride in forward thinking and being prepared. It is also adopts an enthusiastic view towards rules and regulations, with little room for misinterpretation or lack of clarity.
  • Germans have been the pioneers of the ecological movement and green politics. The world's first Green Party, Die Grünen, was founded in 1979-1980. Germany is one of the rare countries (along with Belgium) where the Greens have been part of a government coalition.
  • Among the most admired German poets and authors are Lessing, Goethe, Schiller, Kleist, Hoffmann, Brecht, Heine and Schmidt. Nine Germans have won the Nobel Prize in literature: Theodor Mommsen, Paul von Heyse, Gerhart Hauptmann, Thomas Mann, Nelly Sachs, Hermann Hesse, Heinrich Böll, Günter Grass, and Herta Müller.
  • German philosophers have helped shape western philosophy from as early as the Middle Ages (Albertus Magnus). Later, Leibniz (17th century) and most importantly Kant played central roles in the history of philosophy. Germany is also known for such great names as Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, Fichte, Hegel, Marx and Engels ect.
  • Albert Einstein, the most recognized scientist in the world, was German and born in Ulm.
  • The Germans can be credited for the discovery of insulin, the invention of the clarinet, the pocket watch, the automated calculator, the light bulb, television (partly), paraffin, petrol/gasoline & Diesel engines, the automobile (as well as the engine, differential gear and other important devices), the motorcycle, the jet engine, the LCD screen and the Walkman.
  • The world's two biggest cuckoo clocks are both located in Schonach im Schwarzwald, Baden-Württemberg. One of the cuckoos measures nearly five meters and weighs 150 kg.
  • In the field of music, Germany claims some of the most renowned classical composers of the world including Bach, Mozart and Beethoven and others.
  • Football is their passion, and they have the largest football stadium called Allianz Arena. Ice Hockey, Tennis and volley balls are other favorites of Germany culture about Sports.
  • Germany culture also has a vital part called German cuisines. Some of the famous German foods are Desserts, Rye Bread, Fruit cake, pastry and Sausages.
  • While it is called Oktoberfest, it actually starts in Steptember.The first Oktoberfest was a wedding celebration for Prince Ludwig of Bavaria.