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Business etiquette

Business etiquette

Meeting Etiquette

. Appointments are necessary.
. Confirm appointments in writing.
. Initial correspondence should be made to the company and not an individual.
. Do not try to schedule meetings from mid June through mid August as many Danes are on vacation.
. You should arrive at meetings on time. The Danes you are meeting will be punctual.
. Telephone immediately if you will be detained more than 5 minutes.
. Shake hands with everyone upon arriving and leaving. Handshakes should be very firm and rather short. Maintain eye contact while being introduced. Always shake hands with women first.
. Business cards are exchanged. Your business card should have the physical address of your company and not a post office box.
. Danes use their professional title and their surname. If someone does not have a professional title, use Herr (Mister), Fru (Misses) or Froken (Miss). Danes move to first names quickly. Nonetheless, wait to be invited before using someone's first name.

Business Negotiation

. Send an agenda before the meeting and work from it without deviation.
. Decisions are made after consulting with everyone involved.
. Presentations should be well-organized and factual. Use facts, figures and charts to back up statements and conclusions.
. Maintain eye contact while speaking.
. There will be a minimal amount of small talk. Danes prefer to get down to business quickly.