Czech Republic

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  • The territory of the Czech Republic traditionally has been between the German and Slav lands, and Czech cultural traditions are a mixture of both.
  • Among the most famous Czech people, there should be mentioned a writers Franz Kafka, Karel Čapek, Milan Kundera,  painter Alphonse Mucha, one of the world’s best photographers Josef Sudek and many others.
  • The Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348, is the oldest university in Eastern Europe, and one of the oldest in the world in continuous operation.
  • The Czech Republic is known worldwide for their outstanding art glass and crystal. Each piece is individually made, mouth blown and decorated. Art glass collector’s value glass made by master Czech glass blowers in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic
  • Škoda Auto, one of the largest car manufacturers in Central Europe, is based in the Czech Republic.
  • The country is also famous for its love of puppetry and marionettes with a number of puppet festivals throughout the country.
  • The Czech Republic also has a number of beer festivals, including: Czech Beer Festival (the biggest Czech beer festival, it is 17 days long and held every year in May in Prague), Pilsner Fest (every year in August in Plzeň).
  • The former tennis champion Martina Navratilova, statistically the second best female player of the 20th century behind Steffi Graf, is a Czech.
  • Czech cooking and eating habits have been shifting towards a healthier lifestyle, but traditional Czech recipes are still extremely popular - and those tend to be high in calories, fat and sugar. Sauces and condiments are popular.