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Business etiquette

Business etiquette

Business Meetings

. Appointments are mandatory and should be made in advance.
. Letters should be addressed to the company rather than a specific person. This prevents a letter from being held up if the person it is addressed to is away from the office.
. Do not try to schedule meetings on Friday afternoon as many Czechs leave for their country cottages after lunch.
. Many businesses close during August.
. Punctuality for meetings is taken extremely seriously.
. Initial meetings are scheduled to get to know each other and to see if your Czech associates believe that you are trustworthy. The first meeting may be with a gatekeeper rather than the actual decision maker.
. Expect some small talk and getting-to-know-you conversation before business is discussed.
. Maintain direct eye contact while speaking.
. Do not remove your suit jacket unless the highest-ranking Czech does so.
. Presentations should be accurate, detailed and thorough.
. Have charts and figures to back up your claims.


. Czechs are both formal and somewhat indirect in their communication.
. They try not to purposely offend and will often go out of their way to protect someone's feelings.
. Czechs are non-confrontational and often take an indirect approach to business dealings.
.  If they lower their eyes and become silent they are uncomfortable with something you have said.


. It will take several meetings for your Czech business associates to become familiar with you and appear comfortable and friendly. . Politeness prevents many Czechs from giving an absolute 'no'. However, statements such as 'It is difficult' or 'We will see' are often negatives.
. Business is conducted slowly. You will have to be patient and not appear ruffled by the strict adherence to protocol.
. Business is hierarchical. Decision-making power is held at the top of the company. Decisions are reached slowly.
. It may take several visits to reach a decision.
. Avoid high-pressure tactics.
. Czechs generally offer what they expect to get and do not often give counter-offers.