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Tourism in Belgium is one of Belgium's industries, and its accessibility from elsewhere in Europestill makes it a popular touristdestination. The tourist industry generates 2.8% of Belgium's GrossDomesticProductand employs 3.3% of the working population.


There are no entry requirements or restrictions on EU nationals visiting Belgium and Luxembourg. Citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, NewZealandand the USAdo not need visas to visit the country as tourists for up to three months. Except for people from a few other European countries (such as Switzerlandand Norway), everyone else must have a visa.

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Major cities

Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Bruges

Top tourist attractions

  • Antwerp
  • Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp
  • Brussels
  • The Grote Markt or Grand Place (central square of Brussels) - UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brussels, Belgium
  • Bruges
  • Waterloo
  • Namur Citadel, Namur, Walloon Region (Wallonia)
  • The Graslei, Ghent (Gaunt), Flemish region, East Flanders
  • St. Petrus and St. Paulus Church, Ostend, Flemish province, West Flanders
  • Ypres, (World War I battleground between Germany and the Allied forces), Ypres, Flemish province, West Flanders


The Kingdom of Belgium is rich in places of interest to the tourist, largely because it was here that two European cultural groups once met and overlapped. The interesting countryside and many cultural attractions make it well worth a visit at any time of the year.


Belgium has three main geographical regions: the coastal plain in the north-west, the central plateau, and the Ardennesuplands in the south-east. Belgium's highest point is the SignaldeBotrangeat 694 metres above the sea level. Other hills in Belgium include the Kemmelberg(159 m high) and the Koppenberg(77 m high).


Belgium and Luxembourgshare a generally mild, maritime climate characterised by many days of grey and/or rainy weather. The average temperature is 3 °C(37.4 °F) in January, and 18 °C (64.4 °F) in July.


Standard VAT Rate 21%. Reduced Rate 6%, 12%.

Public holidays

  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • Easter – varying
  • 1st Monday after Easter – Easter Monday
  • 1 May – Labour Day
  • 6th Thursday after Easter – Ascension
  • 7th Sunday after Easter – Pentecost
  • 8th Monday after Easter – Pentecost Monday
  • 21 July – National holiday
  • 15 August – Assumption of Mary
  • 1 November – All Saints
  • 11 November – Armistice Day
  • 25 December - Christmas